Saturday, February 18, 2012

School Project – Poem Page

Hi, here’s a poem that I wrote for a class project using

I realize that this may be hard to read so here it is in a different font if you're interested in reading it.

This is Where I’m From

I am from comedians,
from musicians and nerds though I would never tell them that personally.
I am from energetic ancestors,
that are imaginative, creative, and come up with the weirdest things.

I am from music and from art,
from the art on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
I am from academics,
from always being ahead no matter how many steps I’ve taken in the opposite direction.

I am from Christianity,
from sticking to what I know is right and avoiding what I know is wrong.
I am from wanting to be my own person and not being afraid to show who I am,
from never following the crowd.
I am from standing up for my beliefs,
from understanding others when nobody else will take the time to listen.

I am from believing that there’s always an answer and always a possibility,
from hope for the future and all that live after me.



Kristine said...

This is awesome Carly!! I always knew you were creative, but sometimes am surprised by the talent that spills out of you. I'm so proud of you girlie... keep up the great work and good luck on getting the assistant editor for your school newspaper--you certainly would be my top choice!! :)
Love you,

Basslady said...

a wonderful page, hun!

i love the images you placed so wonderfully on your page!

GREAT job!

hugs and kisses from germany,
silvi xoxo