Sunday, January 25, 2009

I got an award

I got an award thanks to Zoe. THANKS A MILLION ZOE!
I'd like to give this award to Emz


Kristine B. said...

Oh, Honey...thank you so much!! :) I think you're doing a super job on your blog! You really should upload your gorgeous box you made :)
♥ U!!

Sara said...

I made a post...THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I put music on my blog too...because of you! Thanks again!

From Lillian :)

Emz said...

Thank you so much Carly for this award, I was so surprised when I saw this as I know I have not been a very good blogger - but I have been making somethings which I will be posting soon and hopefully joining in the crafty monkey challenges again soon. THANKS.

lol Emz x